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Links to special sites of comfort and support ~

Care for Animals - American Veterinary Medical Assn site with resources including Making The Decision, Saying Goodbye, and Grief Counseling.

Grief, Loss and Recovery - healing resources.

Lightning Strike Pet-Loss Support Page - many resources to help us through the hardest of times.

The Pet Loss Grief Support Website & Candle Ceremony - you can read tributes to many beloved pets, and add your own.

Pet Loss Support Page - another excellent resource.

Portrait Of An Angel - full of wonderful poetry, inspiration and comfort. Beautifully done by Terri Onorato, a Prayers for Pets member.

Rainbow Bridge - where our furry family members go when they die, help in making that hard final decision, comforting stories and poetry. This page can help make loss bearable and give you peace. It's a wonderful page even if you haven't lost a loved pet lately. But take your tissues with you.