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How to Join Prayers for Pets

1. Decide in your heart that you can abide by our membership requirements.

a. Belief and faith in God - specifically this means God, the creator of all, as
recognized and worshipped by Christian faithful.

b. Belief in the power of prayer - specifically this means prayer to God (as above). This does NOT include positive thoughts, zen, "white light", "rainbow light", etc. While we have nothing specifically against most of those things, one of the two main purposes of this group is to glorify God and to give Him credit for answered prayers. (The other reason is, of course, intercession for those who need prayers.) If you believe in those other things in addition to actual prayer, that's fine. But PRAYER is the focus of this group.

c. Love of animals.

d. Concern for pet owners.

e. Willingness to pray sincerely, promptly and often for those that need us, regardless of what the prayer need might be, as long as it is a legitimate request.  You don't have to like snakes to pray for someone else's pet rat.  You pray because somebody loves that rat.

f. Please understand that prayer is the ONLY activity that is required.  If you would like to respond privately to those who request prayers, you are welcome to do so, provided you do it kindly and helpfully.  But you are NOT required to email anyone. 

2. Please read and be familiar with our posting guidelines. Most of them are not strict or rigid, but you should be aware of them. A few of them, however, can make the difference between your post being allowed or not. The list is currently moderated.

3. If you've read the posting guidelines and are ready to join...

just click groups.io/g/prayersforpets

But be sure to read the rest of this page and complete step 4.

If you run into a problem, please email the list moderator at "prayersforpets+owner@groups.io" (delete the quotes) and we'll try to help. If the list moderator is away for a few days there will be a delay in receiving your welcome message, so please be patient. Normally it arrives in a few hours.

Whenever you're ready, send your first post to PrayersForPets. The address for posting messages and prayer requests is PrayersForPets@groups.io (usable only by list members). We encourage you to post a note introducing yourself, but it's not a requirement.  As we said before, you never have to email anyone.  We have members who have never posted a request or anything else, but we assume they are praying for those who do make requests. 

Welcome to Prayers for Pets!!!

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